Booking module

Booking module

Our booking module is easy to integrate on your website and is already optimized for mobile devices. Your customers stay on your website during the appointment or course booking. For this purpose, we provide you with the appropriate source code, which you can easily integrate in the desired location in the source code of your website. The booking system that enables your customers to book directly on your website is integrated via a so-called iFrame.
In the main menu under "Administration" in the "Branch" section you will find the option "iFrame customer booking". There you select "Customer Booking". The "Source code for your website" field contains the source code. This, as well as the link to the iFrame, can also be found on the main page of your bookingtime account under "ways to customer booking".
The colours of the iFrame, which you integrate on your homepage, can be set as desired and can thus be adapted to the design of your website. To do this, click on "iFrame customer booking" in the administration of your branch and scroll to the options "Text colour", "Heading colour", "Highlight colour" and "Background colour". These settings allow you to change the colours of your iFrame.
You can create as many iframes as you like per branch. The facility does not incur any costs. If you would like to create a new iFrame, click on the option "iFrame customer booking" in the "Store" section of the "Administration + Settings" menu. In the content area, select the button "Create new iFrame." You can name the iFrame individually, where it makes sense to name them according to their field of application. Further iFrames also offer you the option of integrating different appointment types on different sub-pages of your website, e.g. Spanish courses via an iframe and English courses via another one.
The simplest way how customers access the booking mask via their Facebook page is the call-to-action button. As a site operator you can click on the blue button "Add button" on your fan page to set up the booking function. If you already have a call-to-action button, you can edit it by pointing with the cursor to the button and then clicking the "Edit button" option. In the dialog box that opens, select the option "Make appointment", then "Book now" and click on "Next". Under "Link to Website" you can either enter the URL of your website where the booking engine is embedded, or the iFrame link. By saving the input, your call-to-action button is now linked to your booking module.

Another option is to integrate your booking module via iFrame as an App on your Facebook page. This will then be displayed as a separate tab on your fan page. For this you need a private Facebook account, through which you need to set up a Facebook developer account. We will gladly provide you with detailed instructions. Please contact our customer support via email at moc.enimretenilno@troppus